No longer The Christian Heretic — New website

As many of you know, I’ve called myself The Christian Heretic since at least 2007. I didn’t like the idea of the Christian religion hijacking the label “Christian” from those of us in the body of Christ, so I hung onto the title for a long time (it feels like I was one of the last to keep using it, although I’m sure there are a few more who still do). After some thought, however, I’ve decided that it’s finally time to give up the label of “Christian.” There’s just too much negative baggage attached to it, and I’m not sure it can actually be redeemed, so I’ve decided to let the members of the Christian religion have their label.

With that in mind, I’ve set up a new website with a new domain name, and migrated the important posts from this site over to the new one. You can find my new site at (and my Bible truths you won’t hear at church book at So, if you’re using RSS to keep track of posts here on this website, it’s time to update your feed, and time to update your bookmarks for everyone else. See you over there.

Oh, but I’m not giving up the “Universalist” label, however (at least not yet). I still like that name.