What about the narrow gate?


In Luke 13:23-30, Jesus was asked if only a few would be saved. He said to strive to enter into the narrow gate, for many would try and not be able.


Christ came, not to the gentiles (the world population in general), but to the “lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matt. 15:24). These were already God’s chosen covenant people—all of whom will finally be saved, according to Paul (Romans 11:26). Bear in mind that these covenant people are the ones Christ is talking to on this occasion.

So, the Lord is not here contradicting promises He has made elsewhere by saying that only a few will ever be saved. Otherwise John 12:32 would have quoted Him as saying, “If I be lifted up, I will draw only a few people to Myself.” Furthermore, 1 Corinthians 15:22 would say, “In Adam all die; in Christ only a few will be made alive.” So Luke 13:23-30 is not about whether Christ will eventually reap the full harvest of human souls He paid for with His own blood—that is, how many will finally be saved (Gen. 22:17-19, Romans 4:13, also note carefully Romans 11:15-16,32,36).

Here He is talking about being saved during this dispensation to occupy a rulership role in His love-kingdom—to act as co-laborers, co-restorers with Him in His world-harvest field (John 4:34-38). Only those who enter the narrow gate of self-denial, allowing Christ to perfect them in love and holiness can qualify to minister to the world in this era as well as the Kingdom Millennial Age to come. These will shine as lights set on a hill (Matt. 5:14; Ps. 48). They will serve as kings and priests—a holy nation, a royal priesthood—to reflect God’s character to the world (1 Pet. 2:9-12). Many are called to this high privilege, but few respond. Such as refuse will find themselves in a place of outer darkness—not “forever,” but for a season (Matt. 25:14-30). This describes exactly what happened to many Jews when Jerusalem was crushed under Rome’s armies in 70 AD—which Christ prophesied in Matthew 24 and 25.

Nothing is mentioned about eternity in this passage and others which are similar to it. Read the best-seller The Final Quest, by Rick Joyner. Also contact Arthur Eedle (see Suggested Reading List) for his excellent articles: “Jesus—Firstborn of Every Creature” and “Millennial Kings and Priests.” This Luke 13 passage has to do with attaining to a “better resurrection,” being made qualified to “rule over cities” in the Millennial age (Heb. 11:35, Phil. 3:10-11, also compare Luke 19:12-27 and Ps. 78:34). The current theology that insists that only the priesthood people (the church) will ever be saved leaves the church with no one to “reign over” in the Millennium! Again, the church is not the only born of God’s new creation in Christ. It is the first born, co-redeemer, “called out” company. But “called out” for what? Review Colossians 1:18 and also study Acts 15:15-17 and Amos 9:11-12.

Charles Slagle

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