Be a Messenger of Great News!

By Gary Amirault

Let's face it, there is very little good news advertised out there in the world. Wars, suicides, murders, new diseases. The world is portrayed as about to fall apart.

The news from the Christian circles is no better. The world is about to be destroyed. The increase in population is exceeding the number of converts. When it is all over, most of humanity, although not asking to be place here, will ultimately find their way into a place the most untruthful, exaggerators of news, those grocery store counter tabloids could not fabricate. Jesus Christ, while doing everything He could, will ultimately only reach a very small portion of mankind to deliver them from "hell."

No, the news of the world's media and the so-called gospel of Christendom is not very good news, except for the kind of heart which enjoys seeing people finally get what they feel they deserve . . . the unending wrath of God. To that kind of individual, the news of the world and the "good news" of Christendom is good news. This kind of individual is a sadist and sad but true, there are too many of them in the pulpits.

They say that if you take the fear of "hell" out of the Christian message, you open the door to people doing what they want to do. They will become lawless and wicked. The stronger you preach "hell" the better society. Well, if we can learn anything from history, one lesson should be absolutely clear and that is this: the church that preached the doctrine of eternal torment the strongest and for the longest periond of time, became the cruelest, most hedious creature ever to walk this earth. This church, the Roman Catholic Church had the most terrifying message imaginable, and had complete control of the governments of Europe. Yet rather than bringing peace to the world, it plunges the world into gross darkness using its power to kill millions in the name of Christ. It took away the property of anyone it marked as a heretic, thereby, acquiring one third of all land in Europe. Its priesthood created the most cruel instruments of torture ever invented. They were some of the most diabolical men ever to walk this earth. If fear and the doctrine of eternal torment was a means of establishing order and peace, the Roman Catholic Church should have produced it. But it produced just the opposite!

No, my friends, the doctrine of "hell" does not produce lawfulness and order, its produces hopelessness and chaos! The doctrine of eternal torment never produced lawfulness in the pagan countries which originated the concept. Look at the Roman Empire and its great systems of law and order and yes, the doctrine of eternal torment. This civilization. as great as it was, collapsed into a heap of depravity. Nero lit his garden parties with human bodies dowsed with oil. Some of the popes in later days, who also held the doctrine of eternal torment over their peoples heads, became as corrupt as Nero. When will we learn that we become conformed to the image of God we hold in our hearts.

But we, we will not bring this world back to the "dark ages." We will give this world hope. A family whose parents exhibit deep love for their children and their friends will produced a generation after their own likeness. It is obvious that love towards our children is the most powerful force we have to conform them to be productive and law-abiding citizens. The law of the Love of Christ is the highest form of love there is, a love that will lay down its live for its enemies. We, children of the most High, are inheritors of that love. We must not only declare that law with our mouths, we must exhibit that law, we must put flesh upon this love that people may see Christ again. Words about the love of Christ are not near as powerful as those words manifested in actions, into the good works our Father has provided for us to walk in. These works, when we work them out, walk them out in fear and trembling knowing we are working out God's works, then we will manifest the love of Christ.

You, the very person to whom I am writing, are full of those works created from the foundation of the world. Begin to pray to our Father that we may manifest those works. They are powerful, often supernatural. Yes, they often bring persecution from religious man who has given the world a counterfeit of those works. But we must manifest them! Only in manifesting them will we truly find fulfillment, because for this purpose were we created, that we should walk in them. Only in this place, will our joy be full. Only in this place will we find our true life. This is the place of the Great News of the ministry of reconciliation. Jesus finished the work the Father gave Him to do. He gave us the wonderful task of being the messenger of His finished work. We, who have seen the end of Christ's work, that being the salvation, deliverance of all creation through His act of righteousness on the Tree of Crucifixion, we have become the angels, the messengers of hope. We have seen and our message will restore hope to those in the world.

The message of Christendom, especially in the next few years will bring many people to do the evil which has been hidden in their hearts. They are without hope. They will eat, drink, and be merry. They will kill, sometimes in the name of God, thinking they are doing the work of God. The message of much of the typical church is a message of doom, but you who have been found by the great Lover of your soul and the lover of all humanity will be given many opportunities in this night of religious madness to shine forth in blazing glory. The Great News of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is this: I have loved you unto death. I have conquered death and hell. I have the keys to both and I promise I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will draw all mankind unto Myself. I have given Myself for the world and I cannot deny a Myself. I will bring all creation back unto my Father that my Father may be all in all. I will not fail for I have already accomplished it. Go tell the world the Great News. It is finished!


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