By Gary Amirault

The early Christians of the first few centuries knew what the Greek word "ta panta" meant. It meant "all." They took Scriptures listed below and believed what they said. To the early Christians, "all" meant "all." This Greek word "ta panta" meant "all" in the Greek and it means "all" in the English. Unfortunately, we live in a time when man calls good, evil and evil, good.

To the modern church, "all" does not mean "all." As a matter of fact, "all" in many evangelical churches means "some" or "very few." Below are listed a few of the many plain scriptures which no longer mean what they say. Should you decide to believe these plain Scriptures, you will find yourself among the "remnant." The majority of the church has long since abandoned the simplicity and power of the "Original Good News." The remnant will embrace perfect love and cast out fear and live in a new world. Now study these Scriptures in their proper context and see the full salvation of our wonderful Father. We realize a Scripture referring to all trees cannot be meant to imply all human beings. But if the Greek for all things includes both trees and human beings, we must then include human beings. Look at the following Scriptures through all of our Heavenly Father's attributes, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Justice beautifully and harmoniously clothe His nature which is Love. Then rejoice!


  1. 1Tim 2:4-God will have all to be saved-Can His will be thwarted?
  2. 1Tim 2:4-God desires all to come to the knowledge of truth-Will His desire come to pass?
  3. 1Tim 2:6-Salvation of all is testified in due time-Are we judging God before due time?
  4. Jn 12:47-Jesus came to save all-Will He succeed?
  5. Eph 1:11-God works all after the counsel of His will-Can your will overcome His?
  6. Jn 4:42-Jesus is Savior of the world-Can He be Savior of all without saving all?
  7. 1Jn 4:14-Jesus is Savior of the world-Why don't we believe it?
  8. Jn 12:32-Jesus will draw all mankind unto Himself-To roast or to love?
  9. Col 1:16-By Him all were created-Will He lose a part of His creation?
  10. Rm 5:15-21-In Adam all condemned, in Christ all live-The same all?
  11. 1Cor 15:22-In Adam all die, in Christ all live-Again, the same all?
  12. Eph 1:10-All come into Him at the fulness of times-Are you getting tired of seeing the word, all?
  13. Phl 2:9-11-Every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord-Will the Holy Spirit be given to everyone?
  14. 1Cor 12:3-Cannot confess except by Holy Spirit-See what I mean?
  15. Rm 11:26-All Israel will be saved-But most Jews don't believe yet!
  16. Acts 3:20,21-Restitution of all-How plain can you get?
  17. Luke 2:10-Jesus will be joy to all people-Is there joy is "hell"?
  18. Heb 8:11,12- All will know God-How long, O Lord?
  19. Eph 2:7-His grace shown in the ages to come-Have we judged Him before the time?
  20. Titus 2:11-Grace has appeared to all-Experientially or prophetically?
  21. Rm 8:19-21-Creation set at liberty-How much of creation?
  22. Col 1:20-All reconciled unto God-There's that word "all" again.
  23. 1Cor 4:5-All will have praise of God-What for?
  24. Jms 5:11-End of the Lord is full of mercy-Is "hell" mercy?
  25. Rev 15:4-All nations worship when God's judgments are seen-Could His judgment be mercy?
  26. Rm 11:32-All subject to unbelief, mercy on all-All?
  27. Rm 11:36-All out of, through, and into Him-ALL into Him?
  28. Eph 4:10-Jesus will fill all things-Including "hell?"
  29. Rev 5:13-All creation seen praising God-Including Satan?
  30. 1Cor 15:28-God will be all in all-What does that mean, preacher?
  31. Rev 21:4,5-No more tears, all things made new-ALL made new?
  32. Jn 5:25-All dead who hear will live-How many will hear?
  33. Jn 5:28-All in the grave will hear & come forth-How will the "righteous" judge, judge?
  34. 1 Cor 3:15-All saved, so as by fire-How can fire save you?
  35. Mk 9:49-Everyone shall be salted with fire-Including you?
  36. Rm 11:15-Reconciliation of the world-Will fire save the world instead of destroy it?
  37. 2Cor 5:15-Jesus died for all-Did He died in vain?
  38. Jn 8:29-Jesus always does what pleases His Father-What pleases the Father? (1Tim 2:4)
  39. Heb 1:2-Jesus is Heir of all things-Does "things" include people?
  40. Jn 17:2-Jesus gives eternal life to all that His Father gave Him-How many did the Father give Him?
  41. Jn 3:35-The Father gave Him all things-(Repeated for emphasis) Study the word "things" in the Greek.
  42. 1 Tim 4:9-11-Jesus is Savior of all!-Can't seem to get away from that word "all."
  43. Heb. 7:25-Jesus is able to save to the uttermost-How far is "uttermost?"
  44. 1Cor 15:26-Last enemy, death, will be destroyed-Including "lake of fire" which is "second death?"
  45. Is 46:10-God will do all His pleasure-Does Old Testament agree with the New?
  46. Gen 18:18-All families of the earth will be blessed-Here comes that word "all" again.
  47. Dan 4:35-God's will done in heaven and earth-What can defeat His will?
  48. Ps 66:3,4-Enemies will submit to God-Can any stay rebellious in "hell?"
  49. Ps 90:3-God turns man to destruction, then says return-How can one return from "destruction?"
  50. Is 25:7-Will destroy veil spread over all nations-All nations?
  51. Deut 32:39-He kills and makes alive-Kills to bring life?
  52. Ps 33:15-God fashions all hearts-"All" hearts, including men like "Hitler?"
  53. Prv 16:9-Man devises, God directs his steps-What about "free will?"
  54. Prv 19:21-Man devises, but God's counsel stands-So much for "free will."
  55. La 3:31,32-God will not cast off forever-Why does He cast off in the first place? (1 Cor 11)
  56. Is 2:2-All nations shall flow to the Lord's house-ALL nations?
  57. Ps 86:9-All nations will worship Him-ALL nations!
  58. Is 45:23-All descendants of Israel justified-Including the wicked ones?
  59. Ps 138:4-All kings will praise God-Are you catching on?
  60. Ps 65:2-4-All flesh will come to God-That sounds wondrous.
  61. Ps 72:18-God only does wondrous things-I wish we would believe that.
  62. Is 19:14,15-Egypt & Assyria will be restored-Really?
  63. Ezk 16:55-Sodom will be restored to former estate-Sounds impossible.
  64. Jer 32:17-Nothing is too difficult for Him-Nothing? No, nothing!
  65. Ps 22:27-All ends of the earth will turn to Him-For what purpose?
  66. Ps 22:27-All families will worship before Him-Praise His name!
  67. Ps 145:9-He is good to all-Including your worst enemies.
  68. Ps 145:9-His mercies are over all his works-Let's start believing that.
  69. Ps 145:14-He raises all who fall-Who hasn't fallen in sin?
  70. Ps 145:10-All His works will praise Him-For "eternal torment?"
  71. Is 25:6-Lord makes a feast for all people-And you are invited.
  72. Jer 32:35-Never entered His mind to torture his children with fire. This came from the carnal mind.
  73. Jn 6:44-No one can come to Him unless He draws them. You can't "chose" to follow Him.
  74. Jn 12:32-I will draw all mankind unto Myself-Amen!!!
  75. Ps 135:6-God does what pleases Him-If it pleases Him to save all that He might be in all, are you upset?


This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires ("will have" in some translations) all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time . . . (1 Tim 2:3-6). 1 John 4:14 tells us that the Father sent the Son to be Savior of the world. John 3:35 tells us that the Father has given all into Jesus' hands. If it is the desire of the Father to save all and He has given Jesus all power and authority to do his will, why don't we believe Him? "This is the will of the Father Who sent Me, that of all He has given Me, I should lose nothing, but raise it up at the last day." (John 6:39) The Father has given all into His hands. (John 3:35)

The above Scriptures speak very plainly of the salvation of everyone born under the sun. So why doesn't everyone simply believe these Scriptures and rejoice? There are three main reasons why. First, most people are vengeful. They do not want all to receive forgiveness. As racists always need someone to look down on, so also, some Christians cannot enjoy their salvation apart from seeing others being denied theirs. They do not want anyone hired at the last hour of the day receiving the same wages as themselves. They do not think this is fair.

Second, and this is why it took me so long to clearly see this wonderful truth, is that many Bibles have been tainted with the pagan doctrines of the dark ages. Roman Catholicism absorbed every dark thought it came in contact with. The early reformators, who first brought the scriptures into every day languages, were still deeply entrenched with the false doctrines of the dark ages. These doctrines found their way into the early Bibles which still have a strong effect on leading modern Bibles. As a result, there are still a few lingering passages grossly mistranslated in our Bibles.

And last but perhaps most important, power hungry leaders have found the doctrine of eternal torment most effective in holding the masses under their control. It was effective for ancient monarchs who held their kingdoms together with fear, and it is effective even today for modern tyrants, whether they be political, business, or religious. Many leading English Bibles actually teach all three main concepts of salvation, that is, eternal torment for many, annihilation for many, and the salvation of all mankind. All three cannot be true.

Download or write for the booklets "The Early Christian View of the Savior," "The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail," the audio tapes entitled "Power of a Four Letter Word (Aion)," "The Origin of the Word 'Eternal,'" and "Is the King James Bible Inerrant?" This information will make it clear that when the Scriptures declare that "Love never fails" (1Cor 13), you can be assured His love will never fail anyone born under the sun.

When John and James wanted to bring fire down on the heads of the Samaritans for not believing the Gospel, Jesus' words to them are still appropriate for many church members: "You do not know what manner of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them." Are these the words you will hear one day? There is still time to study, pray, and repent. (Luke 9:54-56)

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