R.H.D. Random House Dictionary.- the total amount; A whole, the state of being total; entirety.

Webster- wholeness.

R.II.D. Wholeness- complete, unimpaired, perfect, TOTAL means the entire or complete sum or amount. Total also means whole, complete amount, quality of anything not divided; the entirety.


Webster- Complete- TOTAL ABSOLUTE. to make WHOLE or PERFECT. It also means to FULFILL A Contract.


We are looking at this contract from GOD'S viewpoint. It is

HE and HE Alone, that fulfills both sides of the contract. Therefore, we could call it, an unbreakable iron clad contract, ant we could also call it one that is ABSOLUTE.

Take the case of Abraham, had the sacrifice in place on the altar. It was divided into two pieces, and then GOD put Abraham to sleep. Then, thank GOD that HE HIMSELF passed between the two pieces and fulfilled both sides of the COVENANT. In plain English, man could not pollute it. This is A PERFECT COVENANT. It is ABSOLUTE, AND UNREVOKEABLE. 

KJ.GEN.15. starting at verse 9. ending verse 18, but the verse we desire is the climatic one . verse 17.

And it came to pass, that, when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between the pieces. 

LAMP.- Symbolic of Israel's deliverance .see ISA.62.1.

If you have a Companion Bible, see note on verse 12.

V 12- Abram put to sleep so that he should have no part in it, aged that The Covenant should be unconditional, in which "GOD was The One" and only contracting party. 

KJ.GAL.3.20. Now a mediator is not a mediator of one, but GOD is One. Cp. verse 17. 

And this I say, that The Covenant, that was confirmed before of GOD in Christ, the law, which was 430 years after, cannot disannul, that it should make The Promise of none affect. 

SEPTUAGINT. GEN.15.17. And when the sun was about to set, there was A Flame, and behold a smoking furnace and lamps of fire, which passed between these divided pieces. Read the next verse for the Covenant of Promise to Abram is listed there. 

FENTON.TRANSLATION, +18, After the sun set, followed by thick darkness, a Bright cloud appeared; a blazing fire, which passed between the pieces. At the same time The EVER-LIVING made A Covenant with Abram. 


Before moving on, it needs to be said or corrected here, the error, that REDEMPTION AND REDEEM have the same meaning. They positively do not.

WEBSTER= REDEEM= This means to buy back.

We were HIS in the beginning, for out of HIM we came. We then were subjected to vanity and futility, hence the need of A Saviour to REDEEM or to pay the ransom to buy us back. This is not a REDEMPTION, but this will come in due time for ALL classes ranks or orders. It is GOD Himself Who chooses the order we are to come in, and not we ourselves, for were dead in trespasses and sins, don't you know? And the dead know NOTHING. The Lord Jesus Christ was The Ransom price paid to REDEEM us back to GOD.

AMP.1 TIM.2.6. Who (CHRIST) 9ave Himself as a RANSOM for ALL (people, a fact that was) attested to at the Right and proper time.

The next part of GOD'S plan is the REDEMPTION that will take place in the ALL, that have been REDEEMED. We ALL are awaiting our full REDEMPTION. This takes place First in The Firstfruits. 

In starting at, or under the Old Covenant, the term REDEMPTION was very much connected with our other word REDEEM, which of course means - to buy back. Our first Scriptures bring to our attention, that REDEMPTION= (price of') Right or price of REDEMPTION,

The Hebrew word used here is (geullah).

Before we proceed, I will mention that The Christ, was indeed, The RANSOM PRICE, The Personified REDEMPTION price for us.

This was paid to REDEEM US.

OH! The Hebrew word came from Young's Concordance. As you can see from this, the two operations of GOD here are you could say, inseparable, which means = incapable of being separated. RE-MEMBER! First REDEEM, THEN comes REDEMPTION. Now! under Grace our REDEMPTION could be compared to The Jubilee, which is also type of our LOOSING. We are getting ahead here, so lets back up to the OT. TERM for Redemption. 

KJ.PSA. 111.9. HE sent REDEMPTION unto HIS people: HE has commanded HIS Covenant forever: Holy and Reverend is HIS Name. 

In this verse we have three things mentioned- HIS people; HIS Covenant; HIS Name: 

ROTHERHAM. (RANSOM) hath HE sent to HIS people. HE hath commanded, to times Age Abiding, HIS covenant. Holy and Reverend is HIS Name. 

LAMSA. HE sent Salvation to HIS people. 

Here we have, REDEMPTION, RANSOM AND SALVATION. I say unto you that The Lord Jesus Christ is The Personification of ALL three. 

From 6304- distinction, also deliverance, - deliverance the state of being delivered, esp: LIBERATION: 

Before this study is finished you will see, that the word that was given under the old covenant, was but type and shadow. It did teach them something, and that something, was that, without an inward change, they could not fulfill one iota, of the word that was given. As we move into The New Covenant, we find that the same rule applies. No inward change, no outward change. People have found that even New Year's resolutions, as letter of the law, so to speak, were broken quiet easy, for it was after the law of the flesh alone. ALL the words that Jesus Himself spoke, most could not keep them. Point to be made here is, in order to keep words of Life, we need an inward change. And the fleshly carnal man just could not fulfill any of this in himself alone, for we need LIFE imputed to us, in order for us to walk in LIFE. This takes an act of GOD~ and GOD ALONE. 

DISTINCTION we must take a close look at this word, for this word is tied to the word REDEMPTION. The Hebrew 6304, points out time meaning is = I WILL set a DISTINGUISHING between My people and thy people. taken from a Hebrew Lexicon.

We see just as Jesus was The Visible personification of The Spirit of The Word, does not absolve us from the personal application in our Life, as Firstfruits . Jesus Himself was a prototype and a trail blazer that made the way, for us to 'follow, and this we will do. The Corporate Firstfruits are also trailblazers that open the way for others to follow. There must be that personal application, of Atonement and REDEMPTION take place in each of us. This then, will be the MARK OF GOD upon us, which will distinguish, Spirit frown flesh. The Mark is The Sword of HIS Word, which will SEPARATE the soul man, from The Spirit Man. This has nothing with visible gender. I have met men walking in a soul realm (woman) AND I have met women who are walking in The Spirit realm (masculine) AND never the twain do meet, for what fellowship can Light have with darkness? At the final RESTITUTION of ALL things, there will be no more darkness. We are getting ahead here , for we now must go back to The Firstfruits and DISTINGUISH. 

R.H.D.= DISTINGUISH. - to set apart as different; be a distinctive characteristic of; character: to make prominent, conspicuous, or eminent. also means to put a difference. The difference between one who has coine into his Atonement and REDEMPTIO[~, and the one not processed into LIFE, is as distinct as the sun and the moon. The Spiritual b:an, who has come through The Redemptive process of GOD, is one Whom has been separated unto GOD, and he is no longer his own man, as they, say, for this New Spiritual man has yielded himself wholly unto GOD.

Please notice! that even SEPARATION is part of the REDEMPTION THAT WILL take place in each of us in our own order. 

AMP.PSA.130,7,8 0 Israel, hope in The LORD! For with The LORD there is mercy and Lovingness-kindness, and with HIM is Plenteous REDEMPTION. And HE WILL Redeem Israel from ALL their iniquities. 

NEB. For in The LORD is Love unfailing, and Great is HIS Power to set men free. HE Alone will set Israel free from ALL their sins. 

As you see in these two translations, both REDEMPTION AND REDEEM are used. REDEMPTION will eradicate the sin nature in its entirety while REDEEM has brought us back.

We have to also look at the word PLENTEOUS. This is an overabundant supply that leaves nothing to chance, more than enough. 

R.H.D. abundant, fruitful, yielding abundantly,

Syn. bountiful, more than adequate supply, an over adequate quantity, Plenteous is a Syn., of PLENTY. 

REPEAT! The Ransom price for ALL creation has been met, and has been paid. Therefore, what remains is The REDEMPTION that will loosen and set the creation free to walk in Newness of Life. The teaching of a lake of endless literal fire is a lie. It is a doctrine of devils, that would damn and condemn. On GOD'S side, we have The Totality of REDEMPTION, WHICH IS THE FULLNESS OF REDEMPTION. YES! indeed, GOD'S Love takes in the ALL, and it encompasses both heaven and earth. 

See the NEB. TRANSLATION above,- GOD'S Unfailing LOVE.

This Unfailing LOVE fits in with The Fullness of REDEMPTION. 

KJ.LU.21.28. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your REDEMPTION Draweth night.

These things are happening in the earth today, and are a signal for The Firstfruits that their time of REDEMPTION has arrived. This will also mean the time to receive their New Body has arrived. 

Greek, 629= from a comp. of 575 and 3083. Ransom in full, Salvation, Deliverance, REDEMPTION. 

575= in composition as a PRE-FIX (RE) it usually denotes separation, departure, cessation, completion, reversal, etc. 

3083= something to loosen with~ Atonement.

This is what REDEMPTION will bring to us. It will be the fullness of each of these principles here shared, and it has to be the personal application in each one of us. From The Firstfruits on down, until ALL COME.

It has to be-come experiential in each one of us. This is that Partaking of The Divine Nature that will bring this about, and it is Absolutely an act of GOD, and not man. 

A word regarding SEPARATION before continuing. It is A separation from and A separation UNTO.

This is also A Divine act by GOD such as when GOD appeared to Paul and brought about a complete change of direction, from law to LIFE. When GOD appears unto you, it also will bring about A complete change of direction and A separation. For us it was a change from the Levi priesthood, and this is A radical change and it is A separation, for now we look to GOD for our Life and not man for our direction in Life. 

From VINES on Separate The Divine action in setting men apart for the work of The Gospel. (Good News) It is not Good News, to say, that GOD will send 80% of HIS creation to some roasting pit for all eternity. The Good News is that .ALL Nations shall come and worship before HIM. This is not by force but by Love for when creation see GOD'S Wonderful plan of Salvation and HIS Great LOVE, they will worship HIM FREELY and they will love H I M. When one comes into RESURRECTION life, than that one has been Separated from death. 

KJ.ROM.3.24. Being Justified freely by HIS Grace through The REDEMPTION that is in Christ Jesus: 

NOTE! This is A work of Grace that brings REDEMPTION to us to loosen us from the old nature, and the old man Adam, and the old man can not do anything to help it along. 

AMP.ROM.3.24. ALL are Justified (Declared Righteous) and made upright and in Right standing with GOD, freely and gratuitously by HIS Grace (HIS unmerited favor and Mercy), through The REDEMPTION which is (provided) in Christ Jesus. 

(Declared Righteous) See ROM. 5.1, ROTHERHAM, Young's, Berkeley, This is the correct rendering from the Greek. It is not, repeat, it is not- just-as-if- I- had- never sinned. This is one of the natural man's teaching. So, then Brethren,

we would say unto you, throw it out, and walk on with GOD. When GOD Declares you to be Righteous, that is exactly what HE means. Are we to believe GOD or man. What GOD has Declared Righteous, and please see this in The Spirit, that this State of Righteousness is a man that has never sinned. 

This is one of those ABSOLUTES of GOD. It is irrevocable, it can not be altered or changed. Is not GOD called The unchangeable GOD ? GOD my Brethren, does not have a plan A and plan B.

THE TOTALITY OF PEDEMPTION IS FOR THE TOTALITY OF ALL CREATION. The Remnant that GOD is bringing forth in this hour, is not the completeness of HIS plan, but The Beginning, for there is a harvest to follow this Remnant or ~ firstfruits Company. 

Our GOD is not bound by time as man is, but HE has been working in Ages past, HE is working in this Age, and HE WILL work in the coming Ages, to show forth HIS Grace in A much Greater measure. 

EPH. WUEST. 2.7 By Grace have you been saved completely in past time, with the present result that you are in a state of Salvation which persists through present time, and raised up with Him and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, in order that HE might exhibit for HIS Own Glory in the Ages that will pile themselves one upon another in continuous succession the surpassing wealth of HIS Grace in kindness to us in Christ Jesus. 

KJ.EPH.2.7. THAT IN THE AGES TO COME HE might show the exceeding (surpassing) Riches of HIS Grace in HIS kindness towards us through Christ Jesus. 

NOTICE! HIS Grace goes beyond this Age, therefore, the teaching of this being The Age of Grace and that it is ending is an untruth. This false doctrine needs to be pulled down from your heavens and placed under your feet for it is an enemy of Truth. 

This brings a separation from the Wheat and the tares, and the sooner one sees the tares of error and makes the correction within Himself, as The LORD shows you of course, for without Him we can do nothing. What happens here is that the flesh mind is being brought under the Authority of The Christ Mind.

This Brethren, then becomes a mark of Maturity. 

Another untruth we will correct here is, and consider this very carefully. GOD tells us to Bless and not to curse. Here Brethren, let us blow away some more chaff. POINT! GOD according to some is going to roast some of HIS creation throughout eternality. This then become a curse, and GOD HIMSELF tells us to Bless yet HE WILL curse 80% of HIS CREATION . Therefore, HE tells us to do one thing, while HE does another. 

Let us Brethren, leave behind the lies which malignify The True Nature of our GOD which is LOVE and not sadistic or monstrous. Let us pay the price for The Truth of GOD and by no means let it go. Let us clasp it to our breasts and never let it go. The price that has to be paid is more then some can bear at this time. ONE OF TMESE MARKS IS ALONENESS. 

KJ.GAL.6.4. But let every man prove (test) his own work, and then shall he have Rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. 

The LORD wants us to pay attention to this word alone It is not a word for ALL, at this time, but it the call to the Firstfruits. PLEASE! There is no condemnation for any not hearing this call, come up higher. The First cause, GOD calls us.

There are many callings, and you could say, that there is a general call, which the Word refers to as the church. AGAIN, PLEASE! not buildings, with their own name over the door. At one time, they did refer to buildings, under the old covenant and today it refers to the Greek (ekklesia) It means a calling out. This call is much more than just from the world. 

NOW Brethren, out of this general calling out, GOD reaches in among them, and chooses some for a further calling to go further or deeper with HIM.

You very well could call it, the called out of the called out. Many reading this understand the Aloneness that going deeper with GOD produces. This Aloneness as I am sure you know also produces a separation, in which some who walked in fellowship with you have rejected you as a heretic .As Paul once said, So worship I the WAY called heresy. My Brethren, this is the narrow Way, And it means standing on and with The Truth that GOD gives to you. Not ALL creation is being called to be Firstfruits, or to take partake of The First RESURRECTION. 

KJ.ISA. 51 .2a. Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I Called him Alone. Cp. Eze.33.24. Mal. 2.15.

KJ.EZE.33.24. Son of man, (Ezekiel) they that inhabit those wastes (ruins) of the land of Israel speak, saying, Abraham WAS ONE. 

KJ.Mal.2.15. And did not HE MAKE ONE ? Yet had HE The Residue of The Spirit, And wherefore ONE ? That HE. might seek A GODLY Seed. 

We are the called and we are the chosen, one on one, not group by group. we must get back to ALONE. He, Jesus drank the cup ALONE, and so must we. Jesus drinking the cup ALONE, does not mean that

We do not have to do so. Was He not The Pattern Son ? We are to follow in The Way He marked out.

The ALONE Way is a solitary place, it is also a separated place, They are called to walk where they are trail blazing where they in turn, become The Highway to Zion for those who follow, and follow they will, for this is The WAY, for others to follow. 

KJ.ROM.8.22~23. For we know that the whole creation groaneth ( see 4724= GRIEVE) and travaileth (Cp. ISA.66.7) in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the Firstfruits of The Spirit, even we ourselves groan ( within ourselves, waiting for the Adoption, (see verse 15.) to wit, The REDEMPTION of our body. 

This is our old body be-ing changed in the Atoms, to receive our new Body.


VINES= We must stop and look at this word or term. "The adoption of children" is a mistranslation and misleading. GOD does not "adopt" believers as children; they are begotten as such by HIS Holy Spirit through faith. "Adoption" is a term involving the dignity of the relationship of Believers as sons; it is not putting into the family by Spiritual Birth, but a putting into the position of sons. ROM.8.23. the "adoption") of the Believer is set forth as still future, as it there includes THE REDEMPTION of the body, where the living will be changed and those who have fallen asleep will be raised.  

KJ.1 COR.1.30. But of (from) Him are ye in Christ Jesus, Who of (from) GOD is made (became) unto us wisdom, and (both) righteousness, and Sanctification, (Holiness) and Redemption: 

WUEST. But as for you, out from HIM as A Source are you in Christ Jesus Who Became Wisdom for us from GOD, both Righteousness and Sanctification and REDEMPTION. 

DIAGLOTT. Eut from HIM you are in The Anointed Jesus, Who be-came our Wisdom from (out) (Greek,ek), GOD righteous also, and Sanctification, and REDESIPTION. 

NOTICE! BOTH WUEST and the DIAGLOTT use correct words for the Greek text. of is (from),made is (be-came). This sure clears away a lot of chaff from the kernel of truth in this Scripture. Just as Christ Jesus BE-CAME for us, we as sons, BECOME for those who are to follow. This is not for boasting, and if we are to boast, our boast is to be in HIN. For it is GOD Who works within us, for the purpose of HIS WILL BE-ING brought forth. 

We as sons are following in the steps of our Elder Brother, yes, that is correct. Does not Scripture say, that He Jesus was not ashamed to call them His Brethren? 

WEYMOUTH.HEB.2.1-12. For it was fitting that He for Whom, and through Whom, ALL things exist, after HE had brought many sons to Glory, should perfect by suffering the Prince Leader Who had saved them. For both He Who Sanctifies and those Whom He is Sanctifying have ALL one FATHER; and for this reason He is not ashamed to speak of them as His Brothers; as when He says; I will proclaim Thy name to MY BROTHERS:


NOTICE! this very Beautiful Word!

  1. ALL things exist be-cause of GOD!
  2. Sons are in the plural!
  3. Perfection is attained by suffering. For THE CHRIST, yes, but also the sons to follow will not escape this, the pathway that He trod, we must follow in His footsteps.
  4. Just as our Sanctifi-er Sanctifies us, we in turn BE-COME SANCTIFICATION. IT IS A FACT THAT WE BE-COME WHAT HE WORKS INTO US. There is an exchan9e of nature taking place within us by The Spirit of LIFE, in which our weakness of the old nature is be-coming less and less, and The New LIFE within us is BE-CO~ING stronger and Stronger until we come to Full ~aturity in HIM, and again, it GOD at work within to WILL and to do of HIS Good Pleasure. 

WE my Brethren, Will come to THE TOTALITY of REDEMPTION just as THE CHRIST did. The time will come for each one of us, when the progressively growing up into Him Who is THE HEAD, comes to a climatic conclusion, meaning our full Birth. Then we shall be known, as we are known. 

We are Known of GOD, it therefore follows that we are yet to be unveiled, or our sonship revealed to the world. 

PHILLIPS.ROM.8.19. The whole creation is on tiptoe to see the wonderful sight of the sons of GOD coming into their own. 

When this manifestation, this Glorious Liberty of the sons take place, then the creation will know that their time of release has come. This is GOD'S Crowning Achievement in the sons having been fulfilled, it, their totality of FULL REDEMPTION.

GOD then moves on to the other orders, of which the sons will play a major part, and that part is the saviours that will appear on MOUNT ZION, to judge the mount of Esau. 

KJ.COL.l.14. In Whom (Christ) we have REDEMPTIO[~ through His Blood, even the forgiveness of sins: SEE EPH. 1 . 7 

FENTON.COL. 1.1.4. In Whom we have The REDEMPTION, the release from sins. 

I am sure you have the understanding, that RELEASE means to be loosened away. Is this not a beautiful word? First to partake of this is The Firstfruits, and then on down. 

Neither Strong or Young's or Vine was much help, in fact none at all. The Bible Dictionary much better, but it would need a study in itself. We will say that in COL. sin should be singular. EPH. plural, for it deals with transgressions, as a result of the sin PRINCIPLE. 

Colossians deals with the sin PRINCIPLE, in other words, the root, which is the source. This is what is to be removed. 

It is the sin nature~ for one sins (TRANSGRESSIONS) because it is his nature to do so. So when GOD comes on the scene to change this, than we will have a REDEMPTION; And yes The Christ was our REDE~PTION, but it was also to show us there has to be a personification of this within us, that we will have an exchange of natures, so to speak. This is to be worked out in ALL creation. HIS IS WHAT THE TOTALITY OF REDEMPTION IS ABOUT.

 We have to share another word here,= HEREDITARY) Simply put the sin nature was inherited from the Adam of GEN. 2.7. SO, the deeds of your fathers you will do. This my friends is what we are loosened from in our personal REDEMPTION

The Dictionary says by reason of birth. We did have a choice. So then, by reason of The New Birth we live out of A New Source of hereditary, GOD our FATHER. 

This is not by our own efforts but it is THE ~EW NATURE OF GOD WORKING in us and then being expressed outwardly. 


see also HEB.9.12 + HEB.9.15. Strong, 3085 

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Victor P. Allen


12-1986 Glenidle


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