The "God" of christianity
the GOD of the Bible

by Ray Van Dyke


The "God" Of Christendom

  God, in the beginning, created a perfect Angel called the “Anointed Cherub”  whose name was Lucifer.
 This perfect Angel one day fell in sin, and became a devil, ruining much of God’s universe, and is the cause of all sin and evil, and also the cause of ruin and sin in other perfect angels, now called demons.

    Author's note: This reminds one of a man who
 invents a machine or creates something for the good of himself and humanity, and then this machine goes out of his control and ruins all, against the original will and intention of the inventor.

God then was fortunate to have a son who, being purposed to die on Calvary, could at least salvage part of the ruin.

 God then wanted human beings by the millions to
love and serve and worship Him, and He “willed all mankind to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.”

 But alas, the newly created Adam and Eve also
went bad on God, and again God’s intention with the
human race failed. Again He blundered.

 The best that God can now do since Adam, is to
appeal and beg and plead with sinners so He at least
gets some in heaven, otherwise the Devil gets them
all in hell.

 The Devil is also appealing to sinners not to accept
Christ, and thus He is trying to get as many as He can
into an endless hell. God is trying to get as many as
He can into heaven.

“God’s” Failure and Satan’s Victory

       Author’s note: Thus the conclusion must be reached
     that the Devil’s will is more powerful and successful
     than God’s. Hell must then be forever and ever a
     monument to God’s failure and to Satan's victory.

      God foresaw all of these millions and billions of
     human beings when He created Adam and Eve, and He
     must have seen what an expensive proposition it would
     be; what a gamble; for He would have to send about
     500 or more to an eternal hell for each one which He
     gets in heaven.

       Then at the Tower of Babel, He deliberately upsets
     the one language of the world, and makes it that much
     more difficult for heathens and sinners to get saved.
     For, when viewed from present day missionary appeals,
     what a boon one language in the world would have
     been! Now the student must study two years or so to
     learn a dialect or language, and in the meantime
     thousands of heathens die and are eternally lost.

       Then during the dark ages, either God would not or
     could not give the world, for hundreds of years, printed
     Bibles, tracts, radios, printing presses, etc. And even to
     this day there are millions of heathens not reached,
     who, for the most part, must be lost, or we would not
     send missionaries and money to the foreign fields.

        God is weak enough to get the infants into heaven,
     but when they mature, the Devil gets most of them.
     Fortunate for the baby and for God when babies and
     little children get killed.

      Then in conclusion, God miraculously keeps these
     billions of sinners alive forever and ever so they can
     undergo their eternal “gnashing of teeth” in fire and
     miraculously be kept burning. What profit this is to
     God or to the billions of culprits in Hell we are not told.

      And, when we begin to ask a few questions, we are
     immediately hushed and told that we must not ask such
     questions; however, we are supposed to believe in this
     blundering, weak, failing god of protestantism and
     catholicism, the popular god of Christendom.

         The thing that amazes the author is that most
     Christians dare not face the conclusion of their own
     religious beliefs.


 1 Tim. 4:10    He is the Saviour of all mankind.
                     (Not of believers and infants only).

 1 John 2:2    He is the propitiation for Our sins,
                     and not ours only, but for the whole

 John 1:29    He is the Lamb of God which takes away
                    the sin of the world. (Not believers only).

Rom.11:32   He locks all up in stubbornness (Jew and
                    Gentile) that He may be merciful to all.

1 Tim.1:15    He came into the world to save sinners.
                     (Not to save non-sinners, or lose 90 per
                     cent of them).

1 Tim.2:3      He wills all mankind to be saved and
                     come to a knowledge of the truth (cp

Prov.16:1-4  (Rev.4:11) He has made all for Himself.
                      (Not 90 percent for the Devil eternally).

 Col.1:20,21  He will future reconcile all.
                      (In verse 21, He has reconciled us now.
                     He has made us a "firstfruits"
                     (not "only fruits").

Rom.8:19-26  He subjects the whole creation, and it
                     waits in hope (vs. 20).

1 Cor. 15:22  He is capable of restoring all the
                     damage under the first Adam (cp

 1 Cor.15:28   He shall some day be “All in all
                     (not “all in some”).

“For all is out of Him, and all is through Him, and
 all is for Him; to Whom be the glory for the eons.”
  Amen (Romans 11:36).

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