I’m Not Here to Convert You

Believe it or not, my goal is not to convert anyone to Christian Universalism (as if I could, anyway). It might seem like this is my goal but my actual reasons for discussing the topic of Universal Reconciliation on this site are a little different. My first reason is to provide some explanations to those who truly want to understanding why I believe what I believe about the topic, as well as to correct more than a few misconceptions about what it is that Christian Universalists actually do believe.

My second reason is to point out the weaknesses of the popular opposing view, mostly because I believe that most traditionalist Christians take too many of their presuppositions for granted and need to have them challenged every now and then.

My third (and probably most important) reason is to encourage those who already believe in Universal Reconciliation and to provide them with resources to help them fulfill the same three goals if they so desire.

Now, if my site happens to help someone come to believe in Universal Reconciliation then I’m thrilled, but I don’t believe that it’s my job to convince anyone of what to believe about anything; that’s between them and God.